The Strangest Thing

It’s not a secret readers,

It’s when your period comes after months of being on a hiatus and suddenly you feel like you are experiencing the highest high of your life as if you met God or won the lottery and I will tell you, if I won the lottery…lol

It’s when you feel like working with someone is a nightmare and they show up one night with a big smile on their face and telling you how beautiful you are…ummmm what in the world.

All I wanna know, is what in the world….

I told a friend that I feel good and usually around this time of the year, that is not the case – omggggg, what is happeningggg…?




Things indeed are shifting. I’m so excited that I’m moving not just because the new place is nice but I will be saving money yaaaay. I’m also targeting some of my debt which is amazinnggg.

Anywhoo, it’s long passed my bedtime.

Time for nighty night 🙂



The Writer





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