butterfly-close-up-cocoons-63643Hello Readers,

Another night of being tired. I’m not getting much sleep these days as going to bed early and being up at 5 is a bit of a challenge. I’m adjusting.

Adjusting to the transition of becoming a morning person and some how having enough energy to still do my afternoon and evening duties.

So far not good.

I sacrificed a couple of hours of sleep only to not fulfill my schedule (really, what am I doing). I am really making planning look fake. I make mention as a reminder to actually carry out what I say and what I write that I will do.

Can someone PLEASE drag me out of the doors of work at 4pm?? I mean, I only get up early enough so that I can! Yet, I’m finding myself there after 4 and it dawned on me why: just like anything else that needs preparation, I have to prepare myself to leave. I need an entires hour just to be sure that I leave on time. I need an hour to wake up before I actually wake up.

I’m going to give this a shot. Usually when I do mentally prepare myself ahead, kt works out for the better. I’ll keep you posted.

Ok, shortest post thus far .

*falling alseep as I type*

Yours Truly,

The Writer


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